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Leading food product supplier, Unilever has called on chefs to reduce waste and increase sustainability and profit. 

Yezdi Daruwalla, managing director of the company's food service division Unilever Food Solutions Australia (UFS), said that aside from the financial benefits of waste reduction, the company's Global Menu Report shows patrons are concerned about waste levels in commercial kitchens.

"Among the 500 Australians surveyed, over 80 per cent believe it is important for foodservice operators to dispose of food waste responsibly and sustainably. 

"The same report also confirmed 86 per cent believed the amount of food thrown away by foodservice operators should be reduced, 82 per cent supported the use of recyclable packaging and materials, and 50 per cent Australians are prepared to pay more for meals in establishments which implement disposal schemes and are committed to minimising food waste."

Daruwalla said sustainability is a growing topic with chefs and one that will become intrinsic to their future business success due to rising pressure on global food chains.  

"However, when given the right tools and information, operators can run a more profitable and efficient business by reducing their waste and the risk of compromising health and safety regulations."

UFS recommends that food service venues:

  • Implement a waste management program to reduce waste and cost;
  • Provide more nutritious menu options to improve guest satisfaction and their health; and
  • Choose sustainably grown ingredients that benefit the planet and improve the taste of meals.

"Australian pubs and hotels feed thousands of people daily and with scale comes responsibility," Daruwalla said. "This is why we launched Good Food Week in 2012, with the aim to help fight the growing obesity epidemic in Australia."

"Sustainable business growth is the way our business and our industry will grow consistently over time. It means better quality ingredients being always available, reduced waste, cost savings and more nutritious meals."

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