By James Atkinson

New Zealand brewer McCashins has locked in a new agreement with Woolworths to range its Stoke Beer brand in Dan Murphy's stores, off the back of a private label cider deal between the companies.

Dan Murphy's will now range the 650ml Kiwi Pale Ale and Bohemian Ale from the McCashins' Stoke Bomber range, alongside the brewer's mainstay range of ales; Stoke Gold, Dark and Amber.

Brewery spokeswoman Emma McCashin told TheShout the Bomber range – which in NZ also includes an Oatmeal Stout, a Biscuit Lager and a Smoky Ale – is a channel for the brewer to play around with slightly more challenging brews.

But she said the McCashins' general ethos is to take market share off the big brewers rather than creating niche products for craft beer devotees.

"The craft breweries in New Zealand and Australia are just doing it so well, there's no need to step on their toes," she said.

"We've got the advantage of having the capacity so that we can put volume through here."

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