By James Atkinson

Liquor retailer Dan Murphy's sells an average of just one bottle per store per week of the 95 per cent ABV Polish spirit that has been depicted by tabloid media as posing a major threat to the community.

The Polish drink Spirytus Rektyfikowany was featured in news reports over the weekend claiming it is being abused by young people.

But Woolworths says its Dan Murphy's stores, along with other retailers, have sold the product for more than 20 years without incident.

"We sell on average one bottle of this product per store per week, we believe mainly to the members of the Polish community for their traditional and cultural use," the retailer said.

"Our sales data and product price of $58.99 per 500ml does not support suggestions that there is widespread or inappropriate use by young people in Australia."

"As one of Australia's largest retailers we take our responsibility as a retailer of alcohol very seriously," Woolworths said.

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