De Bortoli Wines’ new expression, entitled Ti Amo Fiano, has been made with the up-and-coming ‘alternative varietal’.

The wine has been made with grapes grown at the De Bortoli family estate vineyards in Rutherglen and the King Valley in Victoria, is said to be inspired by the historical southern Italian grape variety.

Fiano is native to the southern Italian region of Campania, and the island of Sicily. The grape is considered an ancient varietal, and is thought to date back to Roman times.

The wine’s production was overseen by Steve Webber, De Bortoli’s Chief Winemaker. ‘Ti Amo’ translates as ‘I love’, and Webber has expressed his love for the style with this bottling. Fiano grapes were gently pressed, prior to being fermented in casks and vats. The wine was removed from the lees after fermenting.

According to producer tasting notes, drinkers should expect flavours of sea spray, pear, citrus, and nuts, alongside a textural mouthfeel. Ti Amo is also described as ‘bright with green edges’ and ‘quite smashable’.

The wine is presented in a striking bottle, featuring a vineyard scene, designed to immerse the drinker in the ‘world of wine’ just as though they were ‘sitting on a balcony overlooking the picturesque vineyard landscape.’

This design was acknowledged at the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, winning the ‘Best Label Artwork’ trophy.

Ti Amo Fiano is bottled at 12.8 per cent ABV, is vegan-friendly and retails for $19.95 per bottle.

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