By Clyde Mooney

Youth Off The Streets founder, Father Chris Riley, has come out in support of the Clubs Australia campaign against the proposed mandatory pre-commitment method of addressing problem gambling, with mixed public support.
A press release issued early this morning by Clubs touting Riley’s preference for counselling and education for problem gamblers received widespread coverage in national media.

"I’m greatly concerned that in forcing clubs to spend $3 billion to install the system, all the Government will actually achieve is to put people out of work and strip money from the charities and sporting groups that clubs support," Riley said.

His comments were included in more than 2 million flyers sent by Clubs Australia to 46 Labor and independent electorates across NSW, Queensland and Victoria this week.

The Sydney Morning Herald went on to post online polls offering a vote on support for the Gillard government reforms, and one on the moral question of Riley’s allegiance with Clubs.

While not definitive, the polls quickly trended to 60-40 in favour of the reforms and against Riley’s involvement.

Clubs Australia has launched an urgent campaign aimed at turning the polls around.

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