By Ian Neubauer

Diageo Australia will over the next 12 months invest $10 million to promote the release its new line of Bundaberg products.

Bundaberg Red uses a native Australian Red Gum charcoal filter to create a smoother taste while retaining the character of Bundaberg UP. 

“The distinctive spirit signature of Bundaberg UP is driven by compounds known as congeners. Some of these compounds are highly aromatic, giving rise to the distinctive nose and flavour we associate with Bundaberg UP,” explained Diageo Australia innovation director, Alex Tomlin.

“Bundaberg Red has a sweeter nose because the congeners are removed by double distillation. By removing the overt top layer of congeners, we are able to experience what resides beyond this which is a smoother rum with hints of vanilla on the nose and almost Bourbon-like character on the palate.”  

Independent consumer testing conducted by Colmar Brunton has shown Bundaberg Red will appeal to a wide range of consumers, driving overall category growth. In blind taste tests, 87 per cent of respondents said they would buy the new product.

The launch will be supported by large-scale promotional activity throughout summer and beyond, including TV, cinema and outdoor advertising, a strong public relations campaign engaging both consumers and the media, digital campaign, consumer promotions in the on- and off-premise and high impact in-store point of sale merchandising. It will also be supported by distribution at Bundaberg Rum sponsored events.

On-premise sampling will take place nationally with the Bundy SWAP teams in red uniforms encouraging consumers to try the new taste of Bundaberg Red. Australia Day 2009 will be painted Bundaberg Red, with two major SWAP parties being planned for each state group with a Bundaberg Red focus.

Bundaberg Red will be available in 700ml Bottles, as well as premixed Bundaberg Red and Cola cans and stubbies.



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