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Diageo Australia today unveiled a new advertising campaign encouraging revellers to stay in control and enjoy their night during the peak holiday season.

Running in Sydney from New Year's Eve, the campaign's theme of 'Don't see a great night wasted' promotes some simple and practical steps targeted at young adults to encourage them to stop and think about their behaviour when they're out celebrating.

The campaign highlights the importance of drinking water and eating food on a night out through a series of high impact still advertisements across Sydney City buses and taxis. The campaign will run for four weeks until after Australia Day.

The Kings Cross Liquor Accord and leading hospitality companies The Keystone Group and C-Inc are supporting the campaign and will feature the advertising. 

'Don't see a great night wasted' will also appear in further pubs, bars and clubs in the Sydney CBD and inner city areas.

Diageo Australia corporate relations director, Bob Rayner, said the focus of the campaign – drinking water and having something to eat – was helping adults to stay in control when drinking alcohol by making simple but effective behavioural changes.

"Most Sydneysiders enjoy a drink in a responsible way but there are some people in the community who misuse alcohol," he said. "We believe we can help by working with the wider industry and others to promote the right consumer behaviours."

"This campaign encourages young adults to make the right personal decisions on a night out, without preaching. Instead, we are reminding people of some simple steps they can take to help ensure they remain in control."

"We take our responsibilities as a producer seriously. This latest campaign is part of Diageo Australia's ongoing commitment to promote responsible drinking and create a positive role for alcohol in the community." [continues below]

Kings Cross Liquor Accord CEO Doug Grand said he is supportive of the campaign because it educates individuals on ways to manage their own drinking in a responsible manner.

"The Accord is always looking at initiatives that have long term positive benefits and it is wonderful to have Diageo on board supporting positive strategies for Kings Cross."

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  1. I would have thought an alcohol related ‘responsible drinking’ message would refer to drinking alcohol – and namely drinking within evidence-based recommended guidelines with respect to health and injury. This campaign may even be counter productive by young people thinking that if they drink a bit of water and eat occasionally they can drink as much as they like. In my opinion it is not only inaccurate but irrresponsible to call this a ‘reponsible drinking’ campaign.

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