Diageo has continued its Special Releases program, releasing nine new Scotch whiskies in very limited quantities. The limited edition natural cask strength series are selected from rare stock, including now silent distilleries, such as Port Ellen.

According to Diageo’s new whisky ambassador, Simon McGoram, the whiskies are not only “reassuringly expensive”, they are prime targets for whisky investors.

“I’m delighted to unveil the Special Releases range in Australia. The 2016/17 collection has been meticulously curated and features an incredible range of unusual and rare releases,” he says. “The variety and quality showcased in this collection is truly exquisite and I’m confident that whisky enthusiasts will undoubtedly discover a new favourite.”

The Special Releases program came about in response to “a demand for unusual, distinctive, often older, unrepeatable cask strength bottlings”

The 2016/17 range features highlights such as: The Cambus 40 year old, the oldest release in the 2016/17 range and only the third ever single grain release from the series. Vanishingly rare as a single grain, the Cambus Distillery closed in 1993, the liquid is described as “deceptively complex and fresh for its age”.

The Cragganmore is a “special vatting”, blended from three cask types chosen for flavour alone and detailed as “beautifully structured and contemplative”.

There is also the 16th appearance of Port Ellen in the series – it will be the oldest Port Ellen ever released – with less than 3,000 bottles available worldwide.

Two other releases in the collection include the Brora 38 year old and Glenkinchie 24 year old, which are the oldest bottles ever released in Special Releases from their respective distilleries.

The annual release of the unpeated Caol Ila, bottled at 15 years old, is from a batch made once per year in the “Highland Style” which shows off the make’s typical youthful and vibrant DNA.

According to Diageo, these whiskies have been “crafted to deliver memorable taste experiences unlike any other”.

The bottles are available at selected whisky specialist retailers and Dan Murphy’s Australia wide. For more information see www.malts.com.


List of 2016/17 Special Releases


AUCHROISK™ 25 year old

Distilled 1990 ABV 51.2%

Region: Speyside

Max. 3,954 bottles available worldwide, 216 bottles in Australia

RRP $520


BRORA™ 38 year old

Distilled 1977 ABV 48.6%

Region: Coastal Highland

Max. 2,984 bottles available worldwide, 108 bottles in Australia

RRP $2,800


CAMBUS™ 40 year old

Distilled 1975 ABV 52.7%

Region: Central Lowland

Max. 1,812 bottles available worldwide, 68 bottles in Australia

RRP $1,400


CAOL ILA™ 15 year old

Distilled 2000 ABV 61.5%

Region: Islay

Limited quantities available worldwide, 450 bottles in Australia

RRP $ 170



ABV 55.7%

Region: Speyside

Max. 4,932 bottles available worldwide, 180 bottles in Australia

RRP $750


GLENKINCHIE™ 24 year old

Distilled 1991 ABV 57.2%

Region: Lowland

Max. 5,928 bottles available worldwide, 282 bottles in Australia

RRP $520


LINKWOOD™ 37 year old

Distilled 1978 ABV 50.3%

Region: Speyside

Max. 6,114 bottles available worldwide, 300 bottles in Australia

RRP $1,100


MANNOCHMORE™ 25 year old

Distilled 1990 ABV 53.4%

Region: Speyside

Max. 3,954 bottles available worldwide, 240 bottles in Australia

RRP $550


PORT ELLEN™ 37 year old

Distilled 1978 ABV 55.2%

Region: Islay

Max. 2,940 bottles available worldwide, 128 bottles in Australia

RRP $5,000


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