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Diageo has installed a new display wall unit at Liquor Legends Charnwood in the ACT which encourages shoppers to trade up when making purchasing decisions in-store.

Annaleise Graham, category merchandising executive at Diageo, told TheShout that the wall display is designed to engage the shopper at the point of purchase. 

"The new display wall unit makes spirits more visible, easy-to-shop and engaging. This is important when you consider that 20 per cent of alcohol purchasing decisions are made in-store. 

"This is achieved through a range of new approaches including header cards by liquor type to help the shopper navigate the category; flavour mapping of single malt whiskies to educate consumers about the malt category; and inspirational drinks imagery to highlight the versatility and suitability of spirits across different occasions. 

"We also have an ‘easy mixed drinks’ section to form a destination for everything you need to mix, serve and share great spirit-based mixed drinks," Graham said.

The success of the display wall unit is being measured between the Liquor Legends Charnwood store and the nearby Liquor Legends Hawker store.

"As with any trial, it's important to have a test market (Charnwood) and a control market (Hawker) to enable us to track performance as the trial progresses," explained Graham.

"These two stores are the first stage in a journey towards enhancing our point of purchase vision for spirits. Before rolling out the display units into more stores, we want to make sure that our approach is right and that we make the changes needed to ensure the success of the program."

To hear from Brady Blakey, the store manager of Liquor Legends Charnwood, see the September issue of National Liquor News.

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  1. Looks eerily similar to the “Wine Bars” Foster’s released in 2006.

    10 years on the innovation is…LET’S TRY SOMETHING FROM 10 YEARS AGO.

    The big companies are kidding themselves.

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