Diageo Australia is delighted to announce the addition of Zacapa® rum to its Reserve Brands portfolio. Zacapa is one of the finest and most celebrated rums in the world and will be available through Diageo Australia from 1 April 2009. Produced in the verdant land of Guatemala, Central America, Zacapa is the result of a unique combination of soil, climate and natural materials brought together with skilled distillation and a special high altitude (2,300m above the sea level) ageing process. Best served neat or ‘on the rocks’ Zacapa’s deep, intense character shines as a true luxury spirit with a range that includes Zacapa ® 23, and the ultra-premium Zacapa ® XO.

Lorena Vasquez, master distiller, Ron Zacapa Centenario said: “Zacapa is the embodiment of a distinct place, culture and climate. The complexity of Zacapa’s flavour is deeply rooted in its provenance and the skilled attention to detail, which goes into every aspect of its production.’’

The volcanic land of Guatemala is known for its lush and fertile plains, which combined with its permanent spring-like climate, creates one of the perfect environments for producing crops, including some of the world’s finest coffee and especially sugar cane. An important distinction from many other rums; Zacapa uses the first pressing of sugar cane – known as ‘virgin sugar cane honey’ – to give the liquid its exceptional smoothness, rather than molasses, which is a byproduct in the production of granulated sugar. After distillation, Zacapa undergoes an amazing journey from the volcano-shadowed lowlands to the head of a valley 2300m above sea level where the cooler altitude in its ‘House Above the Clouds’ enables Zacapa to acquire its unique qualities and signature taste profile.

The altitude alone is still not enough to produce Zacapa’s renowned depth of flavor. The ultra-premium rum range is then aged using a Solera System (‘Sistema Solera’), first developed in Spain more than 500 years ago, before being laid to rest in selected barrels that previously aged bourbons, sherries and Pedro Ximenez wines. The Solera system relies on the knowledge and skill of master craftsmen who use a variety of barrel types to infuse the rum with flavor through a fractional blending technique in which older and newer spirits are blended together over many years to ensure consistency.

Aude Parichot, marketing manager Reserve Brands, Diageo Australia, said: “We are very excited about the addition of Zacapa rum to Diageo Reserve Brands, bringing even greater strength to this portfolio. We look forward to building on the global success of this ultra premium rum and growing this brand in Australia."

Zacapa 23 and Zacapa XO will be available through Diageo Australia from 1 April. Please contact your Diageo sales representative for more information or alternatively call 1800 066 931.

Zacapa rums are available in fine liquor stores, premium bars and restaurants around the world.

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