Situated in Bas-Armagnac, vineyards are made up of Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche grape varieties. The distillery is to be found in the village of Lannepax, the ancestral home of the Delord family. The distillation, the most essential and fascinating stage in the production of Armagnac, takes place at the beginning of November through to the end of December.

Their old Sier Armagnac alambics, that they wouldn't part with for all the gold in the world, produce less than 30 litres of eau-de-vie an hour. Delord cellars contain old treasured vintages and include more than 700 oak barrels that protect and age the Armagnac eau-de-vie dating from the 20th Century to the present day. 

Delord thanks to their vision have stored such quantities of good Armagnacs for such a long time that they have the resource to be very competitive in price for the same quality. They also concentrate on Armagnac styles, very rounded, soft and easy to drink, so that they are amongst the most successful producers.

Their range of vintage armagnacs is one of the most complete with vintages from 1900 to 2006 with only 33 vintage years unavailable. Of course bottles indiquate a bottling date, for it is only age in wood which matters. An Armagnac distilled in 1900 and bottled in 1910 would be no better than a 1996 bottled in 2006 and if it were not for the exponential speculative price stirred by collectors it should have the same price.

Their blends are unbeatable on a price/quality ratio and in a upper quality, their XO Premium and their Authentique keep collecting real medals.

Delord  1996 Bas Armagnac 40% 700ml

Alcoholic Strength: 40% Content: 700ml Appellation: AOC Bas Armagnac Vintage: 1996 Grape Variety: Ugni blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, Baco 22 A Tasting Notes: Light amber with copper reflections. On the nose vanilla, spices (pepper) & cocoa Palate: grilled notes (Coffee toast). Evolves into vanilla & cocoa. Light tanins in finale

$72.73 LUC – $80 GST Inc


Delord  1985 Bas Armagnac 40% 700ml

Alcoholic Strength: 40% Content: 700ml Appellation: AOC Bas Armagnac Vintage: 1985 Grape Variety: Ugni blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, Baco 22 A Tasting Notes: Aspect:Topaz color, orange reflections shiny clear. Nose:Quince, prunes, raisins aromas. Oakwood Palate: Nutmeg, ginger, cocoa, grilled wood.

$81.82 LUC – $90 GST Inc

Delord  Bas Armagnac Fine 2-3yrs 40% 700ml

Fruity taste of fresh apple and grape, warm and supple, this Armagnac can be used in cocktails or in cooking.

Alcoholic Strength : 40% 
Content: 700ml 
Appellation: AOC Bas Armagnac  
Vintage : 2/3 years 
Grape Variety : Ugni blanc, Folle Blanche , Colombard, Baco 22 A

 $45.45 LUC – $50 GST Inc

Delord Bas Armagnac XO Premium 25-45yrs 42% 700ml

Alcoholic Strength: 40% Content: 700ml Appellation: AOC Bas Armagnac Vintage: 25 to 45 Years Grape Variety: Ugni blanc, Folle Blanche, Colombard, Baco Tasting notes:  o Aspect : Bas-Armagnac with copper and silver highlights  o Nose : Rich and strong, we can find delicious notes of orange flower, dried apricots, candied citrus and soft spice (star anise and cinnamon).  Then, lovely notes of cocoa, caramel and hazelnut follow and notes of acacia honey and liquorice come in at the end. 

Mouth : Full mouthfeel.  A touch of piment d'Espelette brings tantalises, followed by a refreshing bittersweet note.  An Armagnac that combines strength and indulgence. Food pairing: Meltingly soft dark chocolate fondant.  

   $118.18 LUC – $130 GST Inc

Delord  Armagnac Authentique 1960-1980 45.9% 700ml

Alcoholic Strength: 45.9%

Content: 700ml

Appellation: AOC Armagnac

Area of Origin: Armagnac France

Vintage: Blend of vintages 1960 to 1980?

Variety: Folle Blanche, Bacco 22A, Colombard

   $109.09 LUC – $120 GST Inc


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