By Greg Bassine, Streamvision

How many times have you been asked by a customer to change the channel or put the game on? Ever overheard one of your staff say they’re not sure how to change it or if you even have that channel? Hearing those words likely makes you upset, knowing how much that Pay TV subscription costs.

The above is a story we hear too often. Complex TV systems which provide a basic service but are greatly underutilised, expensive pay TV which is not being capitalised, difficult to justify and has an apparent zero return. Frustrated customers leaving feedback online that the big game wasn’t on, or they went down the road somewhere where they manage their entertainment better.

The entertainment landscape has changed greatly for pubs. Everyone has big screens at home, pay TV subscriptions and can watch TV on the train or catch up on last night’s game on demand through their mobile devices. Media is available everywhere and it is all being viewed on screens. It is a condition of the modern world.

Streamvision understands technology, people and your business. We have developed solutions which are designed to help you better manage your media, speak to your customers and most importantly remove the reliance on your staff to make sure the right content is being displayed at the right time.

Our solutions will not only distribute your channels throughout your venue, but they will provide a platform which you can utilise to communicate with your customers, engage with them regarding your products and services and help guide them towards making better buying decisions.

The Streamvision Solution is not one product but a suite of tools delivered over a computer network and forms a platform which is infinitely expandable.

Distribution: No more difficult-to-use modulators, no more vanilla TV for your customers. Provide vibrant HD television with a complete channel offering to every screen, all wrapped up in an easy-to-use solution. Engage and simplify.

Automation: The solution will change channels for you, ensuring the big game is on the screens where and when it matters, removing the reliance on your staff or customers to help you capitalise on expensive pay TV subscriptions.

Digital Signage: Speak to your customers through your screens. Provide targeted on-screen advertising to push your customers to areas of your venue, promote specific products and inform customers of your services. Utilising mixed-media signage greatly increases impact and can dramatically impact profits.

Engage: Deliver your media to the customer’s smart phone or tablet. Promote your products and services direct to their screens. Speak to them on their devices.

Streamvision not only supplies and installs amazing solutions, but we also provide industry leading support. Our dedicated 24-hour support centre is always there to support you and your team.

With over 10,000 screens connected through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Singapore, Streamvision is Australia’s most knowledgeable and trusted brand for in-venue entertainment solutions.

To speak to a member of the Streamvision Team regarding your venue, call us on 1300 300 407 or visit for more information.

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