Kaddy, Australia’s #1 wholesale platform for beverages discovery, ordering, invoicing and payments, is now trusted by 2,500 hospitality operators and liquor retailers. With over 500 suppliers and more than 11,000 SKUs across all beverage categories, keeping on top of the latest trends and emerging brands has never been so simple. Sign up today to get $50 off your first order

Diversify your offering and stay ahead of trends, without the headaches and needless admin that traditionally comes with it. Kaddy saves you countless hours of precious time usually spent on online searches, endless trawling, contacting reps and the admin across multiple orders. Ordering managers love Kaddy, as do accounts teams. Kaddy is your solution to simpler and better business. Create an account in a few clicks, then head to the Discover page where you’ll see recently launched and trending products. Here you can find inspiration from suggested seasonal products, instantly connect and trade with new suppliers or communicate and trade with your current suppliers.

There’s a multitude of exciting brands and categories waiting to be found on Kaddy. While they’re strong in alcoholic beverages, specialising in local and craft, there are also plenty of food and snack options too. Suppliers such as Soul Fresh, Better Food Distribution and The Forage offer large ranges of products across food, snacks, kombucha and alternative drink options to help drive incremental margin and delighted customers.

There are also more than 50 ‘no’ and ‘low’ alcohol beer options from popular suppliers such Heaps Normal, Big Drop, NORT, SOBAH, Sidewinder, Bridge Rd, Brewdog, Mornington and UpFlow.     

Making Kaddy your destination for discovery and ordering of beverages has a range of benefits to your bottom line:

  • It’s free to join
  • No credit card fees
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Receive a 2% discount for upfront payments
  • Access wholesale deals and discounts
  • Save time spent on admin and credit apps
  • Easily communicate with your suppliers through the platform

Find what you want, add it all to your cart and complete your order and payment in one easy transaction. Sign up today to receive $50 off your first order.

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