By Clyde Mooney

The providers of an innovative DNA security system now have their sights set on the Australian pub sector, having recently inked a deal to roll out the technology at McDonalds restaurants across the country.

The SelectDNA system uses spray heads on exits to emit a burst of invisible solution onto fleeing offenders that can be forensically pinpointed to the exact location.

The unique DNA in each venue stays on skin up to 10 days and on clothes up to six months even if washed, and has been independently verified by police for forensic integrity.

McDonalds selected the company for a national rollout after a successful 12-month trial at six of its busiest restaurants.

SelectDNA general manager Andrew Starr told TheShout the system is already in place in a number of pubs in the UK, as well as a small number of registered clubs in Australia.

"The purpose of the system is ideally to target-harden venues, and decrease the chances of robbery," he said.

"It is #1 a deterrent – perpetrators cannot argue they were not there. It sprays would-be offenders and gives police the opportunity to place suspects at the crime. "

"The system caters for all sizes – it’s good for mum and dad businesses, such as a family-owned pub, right up to corporate."

A spokesperson for McDonalds reported benefits further than the prevention of hold-ups.

"During the trial the restaurants experienced zero robberies and reduced instances of anti-social behaviour."

The synthetic DNA used is water-soluble, non-toxic and unique to each venue, and only a pinhead sample is required to link a suspect to the scene.

The company performs a tailored site profile for each venue to determine the most effective installation, and provides official operating procedures, detailed by NSW police.

A venue fitted with the system is listed with the local police and marked with ‘property protected by SelectDNA’ notifications.

Local media are also engaged to help raise awareness and thus increase the deterrent factor. 

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