Does your POS system speak the marketing lingo?

Repeat business is the key to a profitable long standing hospitality business. Even in areas with high tourism traffic, if you can somehow get a tourist to come back even once more before they leave the area you then have doubled your sales from that specific person. Find the right tools to do this effectively and you’ve got yourself a popular hub of a venue.

Vectron realised how important it is for a hospitality business to promote loyalty and run promotions and bundled it with our Restaurant-Hotel POS system. The loyalty module includes a voucher tool which seamlessly links with Point of Sale and Stock Control operations.

Restaurants, bars or pubs can generate a limitless range of promotional vouchers instantly at point of sale.

Vouchers can be precisely tied to buying patterns or promotion plans. Product sales, customer spend, memberships or any other criteria can all be triggers for voucher issue. "Previously our ability to track discounts was a major issue; we did not know how much to give back to members. With Vectron, it's easyfor staff to use the till and enter the appropriate discounts in. We have swipe cards for all our members.”

 – Jay Mitchell, General Manager at Hoppers Club.

Totally trackable via the POS system, a barcode or a number can be included on the voucher along with the optional expiry date and unused or expired vouchers or points are also reported. "The member’s card is easily swiped to instantly show their name, account number and the points they have received on purchase. “

– Jodie, Manager at Hoppers Club.

What’s more you can inform your patrons of weekly specials, 2 for 1 deals or even send them birthday or anniversary deals though our fully integrated customer database, loyalty tool kit and messaging system.

And all this value added functionality comes built in with our Restaurant-Hotel POS at no extra third party costs.

With flexible payment options, efficient installations, training and ongoing support, upgrading to Vectron isjust a phone call away. Speak to one of our friendly staff on 1300 530 509 and ask for the Vectron POS

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