In anticipation of the upcoming NSW state election, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has released its 2023 Election Statement, calling for government action to ensure the success of the night-time industry.

The night-time industry nets over $40bn in annual sales, comprising over 40,000 venues and employing more than 270,000 people just in the core industry sector of food, beverage, and entertainment. The NTIA insists that this valuable industry cannot be ignored in the election period.

This is a crucial year for the night-time industry, not only in terms of recovery after the pandemic; events such as World Pride, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and SXSW Festival are putting the international spotlight on NSW. A vibrant and diverse night-time culture is vital to the success of these events.

“Now is not the time to deprioritise the night,” says NTIA CEO Mark Gibb, “If we slow down now, we will miss the golden opportunities before us.”

The statement outlines key issues facing the night-time industry, as well as areas for growth, and outlines actionable steps to continue the great work already accomplished during previous years.

“There are more than 42,000 core night-time economy venues across NSW employing more than 279,000 people,” Gibb continues “It’s not hard to imagine how great an economic contribution this sector could make with ongoing and expanded commitment.”

The statement identifies three key areas in which the NTIA suggests the government focus legislative change:

  • Restore Consumer & Industry Confidence: Continue to promote the industry’s success and availability.
  • Empower Industry to Pursue New Pathways: Enable innovation within the industry, especially amidst necessary changes due to rising inflation and interest rates.
  • Changing the Narrative: Move away from the misconception that the night time economy is unsafe, only for younger generations, or centred around alcohol consumption.

Recommended actions include further allocation of time, resources and support to the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner, public planning that incorporates needs and desires of the night time economy, and increased public safety. NTIA calls for multi-partisan support to continue to grow this valuable industry.

“We can’t let the night-time economy fall off the radar,” Gibb said. “The NTIA is calling on all sides to commit to the night, commit to jobs, commit to operators and commit to making NSW a world leader after dark.”

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