Following successful international launch, Hard Rock ready-to-drink cocktails have come to Australia, with special Aussie-focused flavours. 

The products will be produced by contract manufacturer ABC Filling, and distributed by Drink Craft. 

Hard Fruit Punch is the first series from the range, launching with two flavours – Lime & Mint, and Passionfruit, Lime & Ginger. 

Paul Weaving, Business Development Director for Drink Craft and ABC Filling, said that the range would provide a different offering for Australian drinkers. 

“While many new product launches have focused on less – less sugar, less alcohol and often less flavour, we wanted to create something new and different for drinkers looking for more – more flavour, a stronger pour and particularly right now, better value. We took inspiration from Hard Rock’s US RTD range but have created flavours which Australians love in a format unmatched in the market.”

These products are the first to emerge from a long term agreement that Drink Craft and ABC Filling have signed with Hard Rock, with more slated to come as the companies become the exclusive producers and distributors of Hard Rock packaged drinks in Australia. 

Hard Fruit Punch comes in 500ml cans, and in cases of 12, with the ABC clocking in at 10 per cent ABV, or 3.95 standard drinks per can.

The products are available to the industry nationally now, via Drink Craft. 

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