New from New Zealand, Jumping Goat mixes fair trade and organic coffee beans with spices, pure New Zealand spring water and high quality alcohol.

Unlike a coffee flavoured liqueur, Jumping Goat uses real coffee in its infusions. Sourced from various locations all over the world, the coffee is 100 per cent Fair Trade and Organic certified, and roasted then ground fresh for each batch in New Zealand.

There are two versions of the new liqueur – a vodka one and a whisky one. The vodka version uses a local New Zealand-distilled neutral grain alcohol, while the whisky liqueur uses a high-quality, blend of overproof Scotch and Kiwi whisky blend as the base in the infusion process. Both products contain caffeine and used correctly will apparently “keep you dancing till dawn wearing a bra as a hat”.

Approximately 100 grams of organic fair trade coffee is used in the production of every bottle of Jumping Goat, with around 60 milligrams of caffeine per 100 millilitres of spirit. Organic sugar and spices, along with pure New Zealand spring water combine with the coffee to give the final product a smooth taste.

As for the name, according to legend an Ethiopian goat herder by the name of Kaldi discovered the benefits of coffee after watching his flock nibble at the bright red berries of a local plant (coffee beans start their lives as little red berries, in case you didn’t know).

The goats were jumping and carried on energetically well into the night so he too tried these beans and discovered the secret of caffeine.

Brand owner Callum O’Brien has been pleased with the reception of the spirit since its release into the Melbourne bar scene in October.

Jumping Goat can be used as a shot or in a range of cocktails, and is distributed by Red Island.

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