The Lord Nelson Brewery has launched a new tongue-in-cheek campaign, reserving the consumption of Three Sheets Pale Ale to those who can truly appreciate, people with mature mouths, aged 35+.

As beer trends see the rise of sour ales, beer cocktails and the ‘shoey’ Lord Nelson Brewery said more and more young people are failing to appreciate the refined flavours of Three Sheets Pale Ale, which has forced it to implement this protective measure.

Lord Nelson Managing Director, Blair Hayden says:  “If you weren’t born when our original beer was, it’s not for you. This is not a stance we wanted to take, but unfortunately with every damn musician in Australia being forced to do this whole shoey thing, we didn’t have a choice.

“For over 30 years we’ve focused on creating quality beers that are refined and well-balanced. Three Sheets Pale Ale remains our flagship brew and is testament to being true to ourselves and not following trends and “in” styles.

“While our decision might affect sales, we know that Three Sheets customers are loyal, and until the young ones cut their weird drinking habits out, it’ll be reserved for the over 35s.” 

Hayden also said that the beer’s quality, sessionability and drinkability has been key to its enduring success. 

“Continuity and consistency are so important in brewing and for the past 30+ years we’ve stayed in our own lane and focused on creating quality beers that are sessionable and not too high in alcohol,” he said.

“Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale is a perfectly refined and balanced drop; crafted so nothing overwhelms and everything stands out. Subtle floral aromas rest on your tastebuds just long enough before lip smacking citrus notes arise and precede a malty dry finish.

“It’s 95 per cent American hop varieties, five per cent British malts and 100 per cent suitable for comfy pants. It’s not a trendy IPA. It’s not a hipster sour ale. It’s a no fuss, easy drinking, refined beer. Simple.”

The new 35+ stickers will feature on six-packs, cases and decals, and Lord Nelson issue a disclaimer saying that even if you haven’t the ripe age of 35, but think that your mouth is mature enough to appreciate this perfectly crafted and balanced brew, you can join the 35+ crew provided you promise to savour, not skol.

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Andy Young

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