Japanese Whisky – A sure thing. In selecting a Japanese whisky as his Whisky Bible whisky of the year, author Jim Murray guaranteed Japanese whiskies would be a growing trend in 2015. An accolade usually reserved for the more traditional Scotch whiskies, this acknowledgement has seen the number of Japanese whiskies available locally increase dramatically over the past year. Get on it.

Italian and French products – First we feel in love with their wines, and now we are falling for the rest of their goods. Christophe Lehoux from Sydney’s Pocket Bar notes that “in the last couple of years we’ve seen an emerging interest in amari and vermouth” and suspects this will continue and grow once brands get their stories and flavours out to the Australian public. This also ties in with the ‘Lite’ fad as the Aperol Spritz returns to popularity and vermouths usurp spirits as the base of mixed drinks.

Fat-washing clear spirits – Fat-washing bourbon is so last year. Watch out as bars experiment with fat-washing gins and white rums.

Fun – Everyone wants to enjoy themselves on nights out. Little things like disco drinks and geeky bartenders can appeal to a patron’s fun loving side. Mainly though it all comes back to those cornerstones of good establishments; service, hospitality and ambience.

Craft canned beer – This one is great for those consumers who love a ‘tinnie’ but have moved on from the old classics. The Australian Brewery was one of the first Australian breweries to can craft brews, taking note from breweries overseas. This movement is rooted in the pursuit of freshness, as craft brewers strive to bring consumers the best product possible.

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