Ahead of Game 3 of the Ampol State or Origin Series, a series of NSW-based and national organisations have joined forces for the Always Respect, Always DrinkWise campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to remind the community of the importance of moderating alcohol intake and showing respect towards others.

A formal launch of the Always Respect, Always DrinkWise initiative was held at Sydney Olympic Park’s Accor Stadium on July 10, and featured NSW Minister for Police Yasmin Catley, NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden, DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan and NRL Executive General Manager, Jaymes Boland-Rudder.

NSW Blues star Cameron Murray said the message is something he’s passionate to support.

“We want NRL fans to enjoy the game and have a fantastic experience, but we also want to ensure it’s a safe one. This is an important initiative to remind fans to take care of one another wherever they’re choosing to watch the game and if choosing to drink alcohol to do so responsibly,” said Murray.

As part of the Always Respect, Always DrinkWise awareness campaign, Dolphin’s Felise Kaufusi, North Queensland Cowboy’s Kirra Dibb and Brisbane Broncos’ Tarryn Aiken have also recorded messages.

Catley encouraged NRL fans to stay safe and practice moderation.

“The Always respect, always DrinkWise message helps remind all fans and everyone about being respectful to those they live with and the wider community at all times. Origin is always a time for NSW fans to show their unwavering support for the Blues, but let’s make sure that those around us also enjoy the experience, which means if you are having a drink while watching the game, make sure it’s in moderation,” Catley advised.

McFadden reaffirmed the message.

“We want to encourage all Blues fans and visitors from Queensland to be mindful of others when loudly and proudly supporting their teams. Wherever you’re watching the State of Origin game, be responsible, look out for one another and if you’re seeing or experiencing anything that puts you or anyone else at risk, please contact the police or relevant support service,” he added.

Posters and digital assets for the campaign will be displayed in NSW and Queensland at liquor retailers, hotels and across social media and radio.

Strahan highlighted the roles of services such as 1800RESPECT and 13YARN.

“This campaign also serves as a reminder that if people are having trouble managing their consumption or their behaviour and their choices are impacting on the safety of family or others, asking for help is okay and there are support of services, such as 1800RESPECT and 13YARN that can provide advice and assistance,” Strahan explained.

“The DrinkWise initiative will remind all of our fans to treat people in a responsible and respectful way and ensure a safe and enjoyable State of Origin experience for everyone,” concluded Andrew Abdo, CEO of the NRL.

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