DrinkWise’s ‘Lighter choice. Better bowls’ campaign urges bowlers around Australia to swap stronger beverages for mid strength and NOLO drinks.

The campaign is supported by posters, bar mats and coasts at nearly 2,000 bowls clubs across the country – with the ambition of promoting positive drinking habits to the some 700,000 bowlers nationwide.

Anika Wells MP, the Minister for Sport and Aged Care, launched the campaign at the Everton Park Bowls and Community Club in Brisbane last weekend.

“This is a great way to highlight the importance of healthy choices. The message of the campaign is to encourage players and all Australians to look at their consumption and how to incorporate lower alcohol alternatives for health benefits,” Wells said.

“I think we see the unity and the connection that sports, like bowls, bring. Initiatives like Lighter choice. Better bowls. promote stronger communities and encourage Australia’s almost 700,000 bowls participants to look at their consumption.

“As Aged Care Minister I am often speaking to older Australians who yearn to be part of communities and sports like bowls help foster friendships,” Wells continued.

This message was echoed by DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan, who sees the campaign as an opportunity to remind Australians that to reduce harm, they should drink no more than ten standard drinks a week, and no more than four on any one day.

“This DrinkWise and Bowls Australia campaign will assist us to continue to educate Australians about making healthier and safer choices if choosing to drink alcohol as they socialise and compete, as well as highlight the benefits to their health and to their bowls game.” Strahan said.

“Our aim is to remind bowlers of all levels and those who frequent bowls clubs for social gatherings to make informed choices if drinking and consider zero, low and mid strength alternatives as a way to cut back on their alcohol consumption.”

Representatives from the sport are also fully supportive of the campaign, with Bowls Australia President Bob Boorman expressing his enthusiasm for ‘Lighter choice. Better bowls.’

“We know that catching up in the clubhouse following a game of bowls is an important weekly routine for around three quarters of a million Australians who play at their local bowls clubs and we want to increase both the availability and awareness of the mid, low and zero alcohol alternatives now available to players, members and guests,” Boorman said.

Boorman also importance of Bowls Clubs to their local communities, and how this position goes hand-in-hand with offering a responsible and wide range.

“Bowls Clubs are also integral to our local communities and we want to ensure that as players, members and guests come together to socialise, have a meal, catch up with friends and family, and play bowls, they are making safe and responsible choices and having a great experience.”

“Our clubs will also work to stock and promote a range of mid, low and zero alcohol beverage options. The DrinkWise moderation resources will help to explain the why behind them in a fun and informative way to educate bowls participants and supporters across our 1,846 clubs around the country,” Boorman concluded.

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