In today’s instalment of citizen journalism, Lew Gemell from the Cruise Bar in Sydney lauds a new law that allows police and inspectors to hand out $550 fines to troublemakers who refuse to leave licensed premises or remain in the vicinity once ejected.

“Great to see the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing finally give some recognition to efforts made by the hotels in the top 50.

But I am more interested in the comment regarding the fines for intoxicated individuals. It’s about time some of the responsibility was placed back on the few arrogant and aggressive fools that the NSW population is currently being judged on.

This is what we in the industry have been seeking from the beginning. The problem is however that few if any know that this law exists which means that the exercise is pointless unless the message is widespread. Get this article into a national publication and we may just see a change in behaviour.

I for one have had enough of these clowns and would love just once to see a police officer haul one of them off to the lockup for the night. The realisation that they will also be $500 lighter the next morning may just prompt them to think twice next time they think of behaving like a peanut.

Good article — pity I wasn’t reading it in The Daily Telegraph.”


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