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With the nightly demands of bartending, it’s not always easy to put your health first. Dushan Zaric of the 86 Co will demonstrate yoga and meditation techniques and provide useful, practical tips to educate bartenders on ways to  stay healthy despite their demanding schedules.

"Balance can be achieved without impeding your enjoyment of your job," says Dushan. "In fact, it will make your work even more enjoyable!"

Dushan will educate  bartenders on ways to mentally prepare for the stress and rigors of the industry.

His workshop aims to teach bar professionals how to avoid overextending themselves and remaining  balanced and focused.

Participants will examine stress and how it can manifest illness, fatigue, depression, insomnia, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances like PMS and low testosterone.

Today's workshop will provide helpful suggestions on how to manage stress and naturally balance hormones, with the goal of improved health and wellness, increased energy, and greater mindfulness. 

“In our craft you mostly lead by example," says Dushan. "Young bartenders learn from the more experienced bartenders by adopting their styles and copying their attitudes.

"The goal of this health and awareness program is to provide professional bartenders with information how to physiologically and psychologically survive the industry,” said Dushan.

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