East 9th Brewing’s latest project: Doss Blockos The Colour Of Beer™ is the first beer that is officially the colour of… well, beer! In an ironic wink at the stupidity of ownership by corporations, East 9th Brewing sticks it to the likes of Cadbury’s purple and ANZ’s blue with their creation of an official colour of beer.

In order to find the official colour of beer, the East 9th Brewing team collaborated with Australian street art legends, Ironlak. Ironlak provide millions of spray-cans and art supplies to the world’s best graffiti and fine artists each year. ‘The can design of the new Doss Blockos The Colour of Beer™ imitates the iconic Ironlak spray-can design,’ Benjamin Cairns explained. ‘Ironlak is simultaneously

releasing the spray-paint can across the globe known as Ironlak’s ‘Doss Blockos The Colour Of Beer’. It’s been matched as closely as possible to the colour of the actual beer.’ East 9th also worked with one of the world’s biggest names in street art- Sofles, to tag the can.

Doss Blockos The Colour of Beer™ Unlimited Pale Ale was created to be the ultimate session beer (with flavour)… which was how it became known as ‘unlimited’! ‘It’s the type of beer that the East 9th Team love to drink- it’s generous on the tropical notes (delivered by a combination of three hop varieties), without being too heavy on the bitterness…’ Benjamin Cairns said.

The beer is available at all the bars you want to be at and Independent retailers you want to buy from. ‘Doss Blockos The Colour Of Beer’ spray-paint is available at all good Ironlak stockists across the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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