By Andy Young

Moët Hennessy Australia has partnered with retail merchandising and point of sale (POS) company EDA Australasia to produce a new POS installation.

The new installation aims to "educate shoppers on premium products available from the Moët Hennessy brand.

So far the new POS units have gone into four stores in New South Wales and four in Victoria. Those liquor stores were chosen because of their existing turnover of Hennessy products, but any retailers interested in installing the unit should contact either EDA or Moët Hennessy Australia.

The units showcase the Hennessy premium cognac products, VSOP, XO, Paradis, Paradis Imperial and Richard Hennessy.

Business Development Manager at EDA, Gary Parsons, told TheShout that "retailers are expected to see positive benefits in terms of increased sales, as well as positive benefits for the brand."

Trade Marketing Manager at Moët Hennessy Australia, Siegfrid Bacani, was impressed with the final product produced by EDA.

"It was refreshing to be able to work alongside a partner who understood shopper perspective and language," Bacani said.

"We both had an aligned vision and synergy to bring to life the Hennessy brand in Australia. The highlight for me has been the way EDA has been able to interpret the fairly ambitious and directive guidelines from the Hennessy brand and translate that into a locally relevant Australian context. EDA also effectively managed the project on time and within budget, producing a quality POS solution."

"We are currently looking at innovating some exciting new point of sale solutions and, as one of our preferred partners, EDA will be a key part of this process."

Parsons, added: "We developed tailor-made Hennessy-branded prestige POS units to suit the traditional Australian liquor store environment, while staying true to Hennessy's strict brand guidelines. Drawing on our extensive knowledge and research into consumer buying behaviours, we designed the units to reinforce brand equity and encourage upsell to the premium product range.

"We introduced premium materials and strategic lighting to showcase and house the range of products in the Hennessy brand, from the Very Special Old Pale (V.S.O.P) cognac to the unique Extra Old (X.O) cognac. For example, we used a combination of Hennessy-designed aluminum laminates, mirrored and matte, screen-printed Hennessy lattice logos, polished acrylic feature displays, LED lighting to spotlight products and lumi-panel shelves to offset display bottles."

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