The Orendain family has a great heritage with tequila – beginning in 1840, and El Toro aims to foster their liquid in premium products, like our full-strength tequilas.

El Toro is made using only the best agave plants, hand-harvested at full maturity, which is generally 6-7 years from planting. El Toro products are double distilled in order to maximise it’s quality and smoothness.

As a brand, El Toro has decided to not hold back when it comes to releasing flavourful and fun tequilas, in full-strength form. While the flavours are still relatively traditional, reflecting common cocktails made with tequila, there is no doubt that the flavours will inspire consumers to experiment, changing it up from traditional agave flavours.

Limon y Sal carries strong notes of agave carried through from the Blanco tequila base, but has a strong citrus profile, while delivering notes of Serrano pepper, cut through by tangs of sea breeze.

Green in colour and distilled using jalapeños, El Toro Jalapeño tequila still has strong notes of agave, whilst smouldering the tongue, whilst inhabiting nuances of cucumber and honeysuckle.

Both bottles are thirty-eight per cent ABV.

Shotting, sipping or mixing; these tequilas are fit for any occasion or fiesta. Both products are available in most retailers now.

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