ROX Water unit installed in the kitchen of the new Nobu Restaurant at Crown Entertainment Complex, Melbourne

Hoshizaki Electric’s Japanese-made ROX water units are revolutionising the industry through electrolysed water. The units remove the need for chemicals as the electrolysed water attacks and kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds, pathogens and spores virtually on contact. The only ingredients required to produce ROX Water are water, salt and electricity making the systems ideal for food processing environments.

The units are distributed through eWater and require no chemicals making them better for the environment, OH&S issues and for material costs. eWater Systems director, Phil Gregory, said the units are proving popular because of their effectiveness and sustainability. “Initially the effectiveness of ROX surprised us as it does anyone because it seems incredible that water at tap temperature with no suds, colours, smell or chemicals could work so well,” Gregory said. Soon to be installed at Sydney’s Star City, The Melbourne Convention Centre and Southern Health CPU, the units are effective and safe for staff and customers.

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