Archie Rose is embracing the juniper with its latest release, Bone Dry Gin, a triple juniper gin and the first gin release from its new Banksmeadow distillery.

Hand-foraged Macedonian juniper has been cold distilled in the new distillery’s copper vacuum to create three distinct juniper expressions. Added to this are single estate Australian coriander seed, native lemon scented gum and emerald green finger lime, which combine to accentuate the juniper’s pine aroma.

Archie Rose Founder, Will Edwards said: “This release is an incredible expression of juniper, but also of what our new distillery is uniquely capable of, as there is no one else in Australia currently producing cold distilled gins in copper vacuum stills.

“The new cold distillation process we’re using is creating shockingly good botanical distillates – and I mean that literally.

“The difference in clarity and intensity of the gins we are now cold distilling under vacuum versus gins produced in the ‘normal’ way at normal temperatures, including our own old gins produced at our Rosebery distillery, is exceptional and hard to describe without tasting it yourself.

“This is absolutely the best gin we have ever produced and sets the tone for the relaunch of our Signature Dry Gin and Distiller’s Strength Gin, both of which we are currently transitioning to a cold distilled, copper vacuum process.”

The new distillery’s 500 litre and 3,000 litre copper pot/column hybrid vacuum stills are the only example of their kind in the world, allowing the production team to ‘Cold Distil’ the botanical distillates by utilising the reduced boiling points achieved when a vacuum is drawn within the still, and completely eliminating the damaging impact of heat on delicate botanicals. The stills are capable of more than twelve different configurations which ensures that the best flavour is exacted from every botanical.

Master Distiller, Dave Withers, added: “With Bone Dry Gin, we’ve revelled in the hedonistic use of juniper to expose the many attributes of this multifaceted botanical. 

“This gin rigorously balances power with nuance, poise and complexity providing a love poem to every great gin moment and every delicious gin cocktail.”

Bone Dry Gin is available now from Archie Rose and all good bars and bottle shops.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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