Endeavour Brewing Co (EBC) has today launched an equity crowdfunding initiative, giving Australians the opportunity to invest in a leading craft brewery.

The scheme, which is running on equity crowdfunding platform, Equitise, will offer investment from as little as $100 and EBC’s Founder and CEO Ben Kooyman told TheShout, this is the perfect opportunity for people to buy the Christmas present they really want “buy part of a craft brewery instead of socks and jocks”.

EBC has a stretch target of $2.3m from the crowd, with up to 12.3 per cent of the company available, which as Kooyman said, means “there is no way that a big brewer can take more than 20 per cent of us, which is the Independent Brewers Association’s threshold for independence.”

He added: “We are not expecting a big brewer to come in and try to buy this equity, we are really expecting it to be mums and dads, everyday Australians who want to own part of a brewery, it’s all about the crowd.”

The subsequent plan is for the funding to be used for aggressive expansion plans, helping the brewer to move away from outsourcing the bulk of its beer production by building its own production brewery and wholesale manufacturing facility.

In terms of where and how big, Kooyman said: “That is all dependent on how much we raise: we’ve planned a design that could comfortably cover our future plans and that can be easily expanded with additional fermenters and economical upgrades.”

The investment could also see the opening of more Endeavour Brew Bars, following the successful launch of the micro-brewery bar and restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney, which Kooyman said will keep running.

“Hopefully it will continue to kick goals and be a mainstay of the Sydney scene,” he told TheShout. “We’ve got over nine years left on the lease and some ideas on keeping fresh and delivering memorable experiences to our patrons.”

Kooyman said he had been keenly awaiting the latest equity crowdfunding legislation to pass which lets proprietary companies raise from the crowd. Within days of the law passing, he’d jumped at the chance to accelerate his Equity Crowdfunding campaign, giving beer lovers the chance to invest in an Aussie beer company and brewhouse where they can enjoy and sample their investment.

Kooyman can’t wait to have new investors on board that are everyday Aussies that love beer.

“We hand-picked Equitise to do an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, not just because they’re the best platform in Australia but we both share the same ethos to allow the “crowd” of everyday punters that want to be a part of an Aussie success story to invest and become part of a movement.

“Instead of turning to traditional venture capitalists we want to open up shares in our business to create a community of fellow beer lovers and enthusiasts who can join us and experience the success of our once small idea and now big Aussie business.”

Founder and Managing Director of Equitise, Chris Gilbert says it was an instant yes after meeting the Endeavour Brewing Co. team.

“We’re stoked to have Australia’s first brew raise on the Equitise platform, it’s great to see thriving small businesses turn to everyday Aussies to invest and become part of the business early on, standing to profit if the business continues to thrive. It lets people invest in what they love and be privy to exclusive perks and experiences, this is what Equity Crowdfunding is all about. And what’s more Australian than owning part of a brewery?” he said.

In terms of investment is available, Kooyman told TheShout: “Firstly, they will get full ordinary shares in the business like me, with sales rights and benefits. However, depending on the level of their investment will qualify them to join the ‘Endeavour Brew Crew’ shareholders club that rewards them with discounts, merchandise, first access to new release and investor-only brews.”

Full details on the breakdown of investor rewards and how you can invest in the brewery, head to the Endeavour Brewing page on Equitise.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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