The Endeavour Group has announced that more than 15,000 workers in its hospitality business will receive the minimum wage increase three months earlier than the October 1 requirement.

Last Wednesday, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) announced a 5.2 per cent increase to the national minimum wage. While this raise is due to come into force on July 1 for most sectors, the hospitality, tourism and aviation industries were granted a delay of introduction until October 1.

In explaining this decision, FWC pointed to the unique difficulties that faced these industries during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Endeavour Group, which contains ALH Hotels, Dan Murphy’s and BWS, has fast-tracked this increase to over 15,000 staff members on the hospitality award wage.

Steve Donohue, Managing Director and CEO of Endeavour Group, stated that this decision was taken in step with the company’s overarching principles.

“We have anchored this decision in our values and ways of working and with a ‘one team’ Endeavour Group mindset,” Donohue said.

He also pointed to Endeavour Group’s unique position in the market, which he believes allows them to take such measures.

“As Australia’s largest operator of retail liquor stores and hotels, we acknowledge that we are in a unique position to be able to do this,” Donohue continued.

“We will implement the wage increase from the start of the first pay period in July to all eligible employees, including our hospitality team members.”

Endeavour Group has also announced a hiring drive, with the company recruiting for more than 400 roles across 340 ALH hotels Australia-wide. This hospitality recruitment will be accompanied with the hiring of a further 400 positions in Endeavour Group’s retail wing, including BWS and Dan Murphy’s.

Jamee Jacobsen, Venue Manager at The Manhattan Hotel in Melbourne and an 11 year veteran of the company, shed some light on the opportunities and career paths available at Endeavour Group.

“Hospitality is fun, we get to be social on every shift. There are always new people to meet, laughs to be had and you hardly ever look at the clock – time goes so quickly being hospitable and enjoying it at the same time!” she said.

“We are always looking for people with a great, enthusiastic personality that aren’t afraid to show their smiles,” Jacobsen continued.

“If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry – we can train you! Some of our best team members had no experience pouring beers or talking to customers but picked it up very quickly with the right training,” she added.

There are different kinds of opportunities available at Endeavour, which employs more than 28,000 people, with the company giving the example of Abhi Pant. Pant began his career with the company while studying IT. He has since graduated and secured a secondment with the company’s technology team, now working as the Technology Delivery Lead for its digital arm, ‘endeavourX’.

“My journey with Endeavour Group has been amazing as I’ve been given immense opportunities, and thanks to some great guidance and mentorship, I’ve been able to take my career to new heights,” Pant said.

These experiences are reflected by the attitudes of senior management, with Endeavour Group saying it has invested heavily in career development.

“We offer great long-term career opportunities across our businesses, and provide training programs for team members to help them grow with us,” Donohue concluded.

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