Tickets are available and entries are open for the 2023 Australian Independent Beer Awards (the Indies).

Award organisers, the Independent Brewers Association (IBA), have made a number of changes to the awards this year in response to feedback from previous editions.

There will be a slight change to the scoring methodology used to determine Champion Brewery and State Trophies in order to increase the significance of gold medals: the points value of silver medals will be reduced from three points to two.

‘Many options have been analysed over the last two years but in the end we feel this is the fairest way calculate a brewery’s overall performance,’ an IBA statement read.

This change is also joined by an increase in the number of trophies available, moving from 10 to 17. The IBA says this will align better with current beer trends, and reduce the number of competitors in the larger categories.

A list in the entry guidelines specifies these changes:

  • Pale Ale, Lager and IPA have been split into Modern and Traditional trophies, ensuring a more accurate evaluation and management of these larger classes.
  • The Juicy-Hazy category has been split into Pale and IPA trophies.
  • Porter/ Stout has been separated out from Amber/Dark Beer.
  • Non-Alcohol has gained its own trophy category, acknowledging the increasing prominence of this style and to streamline judging.
  • British-Style Ale trophy has been created.
  • Wood and Barrel-Aged styles added into Strong trophy.
  • ‘Sour’ added to Fruit & Funk trophy name to reinforce the use of consumer-friendly language.

New styles have also been introduced: New World Pale, New World Amber/Dark, New World IPA, New World Imperial or Double IPA, New World Pilsner and New World Lager.

‘Beers with a modern take on a traditional style will now have a home here,’ the IBA’s statement reads.

The new styles were introduced in response to ‘the frustration from entrants who could not find a style that fits their beer, especially those that do not brew exactly to style.’

Medal and trophy winners will be celebrated at BrewCon in the Gold Coast on 23 August.

See more entry information here.

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