Ester Spirits is once again celebrating on the global stage after receiving the title of World’s Best Spiced Cane Spirit at the World Rum Awards, with a best so new it doesn’t even have a label yet.

It’s the second time that Ester Spirits has claimed a ‘World’s Best’ win, after being named World’s Best Navy Strength Gin in 2021. And the team will be hoping for more success as it looks to expand its range of spirits later in the year, with plans to launch Aperitivo, Triple Sec and Coffee Amaro liquids.

Co-Founder Corinna Kovner said Ester’s guiding philosophy of truly celebrating flavour and character inside and outside the bottle is fuelling its success.

“We love recreating the classics, but making them much bigger and more Australian, reinvigorating them for a contemporary audience. We really want to redefine who’s drinking and create new audiences, gin isn’t just for old ladies and rum isn’t just for blokes in far north Queensland,” Kovner said.

“What’s really piqued mine and Felix’s interest is playing around with the idea of interconnected flavours, creating spirits we feel sit somewhere between masculine and feminine, floral and spicy, massive yet delicate. I’m sick of seeing rum pitched mostly at male drinkers with a certain palette, I want to see more variety and exploration in the rum category, in all categories to be honest, this is where the magic sits, I reckon.

“Later this year we will launch our Aperitivo, Triple Sec and a Coffee Amaro. We’ve had so much fun playing around with the scale and balance of these flavours, we can’t wait to show Australia.”

Ester Spirits recently opened its bar and tasting room in Marrickville, which enables the brand to engage consumers with its bold and brash spirits. Rum has always been a favourite of Co-Founder and Head Distiller Felix Clark and he is passionate about delivering new Australian rum flavours.

“Rum in Australia, traditionally has had a very narrow production and flavour profile,” Clark said.

“We are now seeing the advent of some interesting expressions in the form of Agricole, different yeast profiles producing really progressive and exciting end results. The inspiration for my cane spirits was always the Caribbean Agricole’s, with a more tropical, lighter ester profile.

“To have sat at the top of the podium across two categories in one of the world’s biggest awards is a rare feat and we are bloody delighted to have pulled it off. Look out for the Alternativo Aperitivo and other liqueurs to be out soon.”

The award-winning Spiced Cane Spirit is not yet publicly available, but it will be served in venues across Australia, starting with local neighbours Bar Louise and Jacoby’s. 

For a limited time, Ester Spirits has pre-released 50 bottles for discerning drinkers via their website for those eager to get their hands on the award-winning drop and have made their rums available for tasting and purchase directly at their tasting room in Marrickville.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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