Travel back in time and take a trip through 130 years in the life of the top brewery in the Spanish market and one of the most prestigious beer companies in the world. Delve into a history full of tradition, taste and splendor.

ABV: 4.6% Estrella Damm had been alive for three centuries, it has known two worlds but one thing has never changed, maintaining the energy and drive that have been it’s characteristic traits for over 130 years.

Estrella Damm is the only beer brewed in Barcelona. First brewed in 1876.

Aroma: Fruity, mainly grape and orange aromas, but also some notes of berries, peach and banana, completed with cereal and hops aromas.

Brew type: A premium lager beer brewed following the best pils tradition. A crisp entry leads to a smooth, clean medium-bodied pale malt palate. This beer has characters of caramel, vanilla and nut, as well as fresh flowery notes and gently spicy hops notes. Mildly bitter with a clean citric persistence, this beer finishes with a long and crisp fade.

Gastronomy: Estrella Damm is a light, smooth and refreshing lager beer, to be served preferably very cold! Perfect beer to be shared with friends at any occasion (in trendy pubs or stylish bars, while watching sports in a bar, when clubbing with friends at night or while sitting outside on a nice terrace) Ideal to be taken together with "tapas"!

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