By Ian Neubauer

The father of a man who was killed at Melbourne’s Southbank entertainment district has called for zero-tolerance toward lawbreakers after another man was killed there under similar circumstances this weekend.

Bill McCormack — whose 22-year-old son Shannon died after being punched in the back of the head in May last year — is demanding an additional 100 police to patrol the CBD at night.

“You can’t walk up King St at night without someone wanting to hit you,” he told the Herald Sun.

In an earlier interview with Radio 3AW, McCormack also called for Occupational Health and Safety audits of clubs and pubs, compulsory first-aid training for bouncers and the introduction of rubber bitumen in front of clubs.

He said rubberised bitumen similar to those seen at children’s playground could save lives after an autopsy revealed Matthew McEvoy — the 24-year-old killed this weekend outside QBH nightclub — died as a result of a heart attack after being punched and then hitting the ground with his head.

The Association of Liquor Licensees Melbourne (ALLM) said it had already put most of McCormack’s ideas to the Victorian Government — with no response.

“It is refreshing to see new initiatives such as rubberised footpaths coming forward from the public,” said ALLM secretary, Brian Frewin. “We represent responsible licensees and offer our full sympathies and support to Mr McCormack and his family.”

Australia Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH) chief executive, Ross Blair-Holt, whose group owns QBH, told The Age there was nothing staff could’ve done to prevent the tragedy.

“The management and security are telling us that there wasn’t drink involved,” he said. “It’s almost certainly drugs and… we did everything we could possibly do.”

The QBH nightclub is not a member of the ALLM.

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