Hospitality tech innovator Me&u has released data showing how Australians treated their dad on Father’s Day in 2022, noting an increase in revenue uplift and average spend across the nation.

It has been revealed through customer data that dining out was a popular choice for many on Father’s Day in 2022, with a national increase in average spend by 28 per cent. There was an average national uplift in venue revenue of 32 per cent when compared with the previous four Sunday’s, with a 42 per cent uplift in food revenue and a nine per cent uplift in drink revenue.

Additionally, customers who visited their local venues on Father’s Day typically ordered more items, with a 3.5 times increase in the average number of items per order in comparison to the previous four Sunday’s.

More families enjoyed a meal together in venues, with an increase of five per cent in food sales, while many Australians raised a glass to celebrate the special day. Data from the table ordering service shows a six per cent increase in the sale of beers on last years Father’s Day, and a seven per cent increase in cocktail sales.

Customers use the me&u app, with data revealing an increase in average spend on Father’s Day

When it comes to ordering food, chicken parmy, chicken schnitty and southern fried chicken burgers were the most popular orders on Father’s Day 2022. With beer sales experiencing an increase, the popular categories of lager, pacific ale and pale lager saw the highest uplifts. In the cocktail category, the most ordered drinks were espresso martinis, margaritas and mojitos.

While the nation experienced increase in average spend, the ACT saw the highest uplift in venue revenue at an 83 per cent increase in spend. Victorians took second place, with an increase of 49 per cent, followed by Queensland at 39 per cent and NSW at 17 per cent.

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