Seltzer producer Fellr has announced the release of new Pineapple & Coconut and Mango seltzers, which will both be available from Thursday 15 September.

The two new products are said to have been inspired by the classic flavours of the Australian summer.

Fellr Co-founder, Will Morgan, expressed his delight about bringing something new to the market, and gave a shout-out to the Australian hospitality industry.

“We’re in an extremely exciting phase of our journey, off the back of two years of significant triple-digit growth, we’re seeing a fantastic start to the year as the on-premise bounces back with a bang,” Morgan said.

“So we’re excited to bring two iconic Aussie summer flavours to market which our Fellr fans have been screaming for!”

Morgan’s sentiments were echoed by fellow Fellr Co-founder, Andy Skora, who said: “At Fellr, we’re huge on innovation, and have always been looking at where we can take Fellr next.”

Skora also said that the brand’s decision-making had been influenced by the latest trends and developments in the cocktail category.

“Knowing that Aussies have a love of coconut, and with it being relatively new in the alcoholic seltzer space, we decided to try something different and unique, tapping into retro Pineapple & Coconut cocktail trends (Piña Colada) that are seeing a resurgence,” Skora explained

“We’ve released this alongside one of Aussies’ favourite summer fruits, and a known performer in this space, Mango.”

The new releases come at a time when the RTD market is experiencing extraordinary growth, as Roy Morgan CEO, Michele Levine, has highlighted.

“The standout performer of the last few years has been RTDs, which have kept increasing despite the ending of lockdowns and almost all pandemic-related restrictions,” Levine said.

“A record high 16.7 per cent of Australians, up 3.2 per cent points (+680,000) from a year ago, now drink RTDs in an average four weeks.”

In particular, Levine says, the seltzer subcategory is a significant driver of growth in the RTD category at large.

“A deeper look into the RTD market in Australia shows the increasing popularity of seltzers over the last few years is continuing to drive the increasing consumption of RTDs generally,” Levine explained.

“‘Hard seltzers’ began to hit the Australian market in significant numbers in 2019, just before the pandemic struck, and these newer alcoholic products are still attracting an increasing array of customers,” the CEO concluded.

And the statistics do not lie, as global data analytics firm, IRI, has found that the seltzer market has grown by 282 per cent in the last year, while in 2020, IRI forecasted that seltzer sales would hit $300m in 2025.

Fellr Pineapple & Coconut and Fellr Mango will be available in independent and national retailers from 15 September, with a four pack of 330ml cans retailing for $22.99.

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