Popular mixer brand Fever-Tree is celebrating the launch of its latest innovation, a cocktail mixer range featuring the Classic Margarita Mixer and Sparkling Mojito Mixer.

Hitting the shelves today, Fever-Tree’s new cocktail mixer range is created with convenience in mind for at-home cocktail making. Without the requirement for any additional ingredients, aside from one spirit, the mixers can be used to create multiple serves of bar quality cocktails quickly.

Designed to be mixed with premium spirits, the two cocktail mixers are made with natural ingredients. With a low total sugar content, the mixers meet growing consumer demand for healthier and better for you products.

Bringing the quality which has earned Fever-Tree a 90 per cent share in the premium mixer market, the two cocktail mixers are an extension of its already popular offering, which includes tonics, sodas and ginger ales.

The Classic Margarita Mixer, from Fever-Tree's new cocktail mixer range

Andy Gaunt, managing director of Fever-Tree, commented on the new product launch.

“This is just the beginning of growth and innovation in the cocktail mixer category for Fever-Tree. As was the case with carbonated mixers, the non-carbonated category is ripe with opportunity, and bound for tremendous growth. It’s the perfect time for Fever-Tree to be making their grand entrance.

“We’re the beverage brand that has everything you need to easily enjoy a night in, a night out, or a get-together with friends and family. Our cocktail mixers can be the foundation for a really festive at-home occasion, that’s both elevated yet affordable.”

The Classic Margarita Mixer is crafted using Mexican limes, Italian blood oranges and a pinch of Scottish sea salt, resulting in a zesty mixer designed to be mixed with tequila. The Sparkling Mojito Mixer, also made with Mexican limes, incorporates Moroccan spearmint, transforming into a balanced mojito with the addition of rum.

The Classic Mojito Mixer, from Fever-Tree's new cocktail mixer range

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