By Andy Young

Drinks distributor and wholesaler Alepat Taylor has launched a new Camus Cognac, Ile de Ré into the Australian market.

The Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac is a drink with a point of difference and Alepat Taylor is hopeful it will help give Cognac a wider appeal to consumers.

Alepat Taylor’s marketing manager Sam Burrell told TheShout: : “The newest product in our Cognac portfolio is Ile de Ré, a fine Cognac from the island of Ile de Ré, off the west coast of France, in the Atlantic Ocean. This island lies within the Cognac region and thanks to ocean breezes and cellars built into the cliffside they contain a saltier complex taste, a favourite among whisky drinkers.”

Those ocean breezes get into the grapes, which are also fertilized by seaweed, and all those factors add up to the Cognac having more single malt characteristics. The Cognac can be enjoyed over ice or in many of the same ways that single malt Scotch is drunk, including with a dash of still water, which “unveils its full, powerful character”.

The Cognac is described as being of “marine character, softened by remarkably mellow and fruity notes. Light, fresh iodine notes with hints of dried fruit, lead into a slightly salty finish, with archetypal mellow softness.”

Burrell is hopeful the introduction of the Ile de Ré is just the start of a push by Camus in Australia. He added: ““I would love to see Camus, including Ile de Ré, increase brand awareness in Australia, they are one of only a handful of privately owned and family run Cognac houses remaining. 

“Globally, Camus is in the top six of all the Cognac houses in terms of sales, this allows for a lot of room to grow in Australia where premium Cognacs are becoming more recognised.”

The Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac is now available for both on- and off-premise through Alepat Taylor.

For more on trends in Cognac and Brandy and the possibilities for 2016 see the May issue of National Liquor News.

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