Bound to stand out, Fireball Whisky has released two new flavours of glow in the dark cans, and a stronger ‘Dragon Serve’ option at 10 per cent ABV.

The two new standard RTDs consist of Fireball with Apple and Fireball with Cola. Both these cans clock in a 6.6 per cent ABV (1.8 standard drinks each), with the brand stating that they offer a ‘whole load of convenience and a smooth transition into late-night shots.’

Fireball with Apple brings together the time-honoured combination of cinnamon and orchard fruits, while Fireball with Coke is designed as a variation on bourbon and cola with ‘a cheeky cinnamon twist only Fireball can bring,’ according to the brand.

In addition to the two standard bottlings, Fireball have also produced a ‘stubby’ style Dragon Serve RTD, at two standard drinks a can. This expression includes more Fireball whisky and less mixer. Again the premix is presented in a glow in the dark can.

Fireball Dragon Serve is the latest product in a growing trend of stronger RTDs, with IWSR reporting that about half of all RTDs launched in H2 of 2021 had an ABV of five per cent or more.

All three Fireball cans are available with an RRP of $29.99 per four pack, and can be found in major and independent retailers from Friday 21 October.  

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