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Maker's Mark has released its first and only new product in 50 years in the form of Maker's 46, which the distiller describes as a more complex version of Maker's Mark with a long, lingering bitter-free finish. 

Initially launched to US and Canadian markets in 2010, Maker's 46 was developed by Maker's Mark president Bill Samuels Jr., master distiller Kevin Smith, and barrel maker Brad Boswell, using a technique that saw them add 10 French oak staves to fully matured Maker's Mark straight from the barrel and then allowing to the liquid to age further. 

"Over the years, whisky consumers' palates have moved towards bigger and bolder flavours, so we wanted to craft a contemporary interpretation of Maker's Mark that matched with current tastes, but didn't mess up what my father created, or disenfranchise any of our loyal fans," explained Samuels. 

"With Maker's 46, we haven't changed the 50 year old recipe that everyone knows and loves – instead, we simply found a unique way to create a new and flavourful expression that is already loved just as much." 

The release of Maker's 46 will be marked with a visit to Australia by Bill Samuels Jr., who will personally launch the bourbon at a series of trade, consumer and media events in August.

Beam Australia's brand director for bourbon, Ray Noble, said he is looking forward to seeing the response from local bourbon fans.

 "This is the first time Beam Australia has access to Maker's 46, and it is a privilege to experience this distinct liquid. Maker's 46 will provide our bourbon-loving nation with a premium offering of superior quality and taste. It's not better than Maker's Mark, it's just different. We're confident that this fantastic product is going to be walking off the shelves." 

A strictly limited allocation of Maker's 46 will hit shelves in early August with an RRP of $79.99.

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  1. Yes! Finally it’s coming to Australia. My sister brought this back for me after travelling through the southern states of America. I highly reccomend this.

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