This is the world’s first Ristretto liqueur.  It has a deep, intense and unforgettable taste, as a result of Galliano’s meticulous selection process and world renowned, five stage blending , infusion and production process.

A ristretto is a concentrated and half of an Italian espresso. When compared to a regular coffee liqueur, Galliano Ristretto is much deeper and more intense coffee liqueur. Galliano Ristretto uses the perfect blend – 55% Natural Arabica beans, sourced from Columbia and Brazil. These Arabica beans provide chocolaty, creamy and top delicate notes. The remaining blend is 45% Natural Robusta Beans, sourced from India and Kenya, provides body, strong and bitter notes. 

Galliano have conducted blind tastings and in the categories of the overall likeability and taste, it out performs its competitors:

  • Galliano Ristretto scores the highest in the balance between sweet and bitter coffee notes
  • Galliano Ristretto scores the highest in the likeability as coffee liqueur against other coffee liqueurs in the market
  • Galliano Ristretto scores the highest in coffee taste – deep and intense coffee taste

Galliano Ristretto can be mixed to create simple drinks like Ristretto & Coke, or more complex drinks like Mocha or Espresso Martini. In Italy, the most common way to drink Galliano Ristretto is with Coke.

Galliano Ristretto 30% is now available. For more information on this product, contact Coca-cola Amatil on 13 26 53.

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