Yuzu is the flavour of the moment, with the citrus fruit popping up everywhere from street-side dessert carts to fancy restaurants.

Keeping across the trend, you can now include it on your cocktail menu with the launch of  cocktails Choya Yuzu in the Australian market.

Although Choya is well known for its ume fruit-based liqueur, the company has created a new flavour to accommodate a growing demand of the popular Japanese citrus.

According to Choya, while there are many citrus fruits available in Japan, “the king of them all is the yuzu”.

These days despite being sought after by mixologists, patisseries and chefs in the West, the fruit is still rare and costly in its natural state. The reason for this is that around half of Japan’s total production of the super-fragrant lemon-like fruit comes from Shikoku, and it takes roughly 15-20 years before a tree bears fruit.

Choya Yuzu is made with the best yuzu citrus, which is 100 per cent grown on the Shikoku Island,  artificial additives such as acidulants, flavourings or colourings, so you can fully appreciate the authentic flavour and natural bitterness of the fruit in your cocktails.

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