By Ian Neubauer

The Foster’s Group has replied to Lion Nathan‘s environmentally friendly Barefoot Radler with the launch of Cascade Green — a 100 per cent carbon offset beer.

Cascade Green achieved Australian Government Greenhouse Friendly certification following extensive lifecycle analysis to ensure all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the product’s production, marketing, distribution and disposal are offset. Cascade Green is bottled in the lightest weight, highest recycled content glass bottle available in Australia and packaged in carton made from 100 per cent recycled material and dyed with biodegradable vegetable-based ink.

“Environmental sustainability has long been important to Cascade Brewery,” said Cascade marketing manager, Ben Summons. “We’ve made improvements to our operations over the last 10 years and we’re committed to doing more.

“Reducing our carbon footprint makes good business sense,” added Foster’s sustainability manager, Scott Delzoppo. “The work completed to understand and reduce the carbon footprint of Cascade Green is an important input into our continuing group efforts to reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Cascade Green tails the January launch of Barefoot Radler, a lemon and lime infused lager described by Lion Nathan as the “the first beer product in Australian to be certified carbon neutral by the Department of Climate Change”.


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