World Gin Day 2014 was a day of firsts for Four Pillars Gin. They opened up the doors of their distillery for the first time, inviting the world to meet Wilma their magnificent copper still.  And they released their first Barrel Aged Gin.

World Gin Day 2015 (Saturday 13 June) promises to be an even bigger day for Australian gin lovers. Four Pillars will again be opening the distillery in Warrandyte South, the last time people will be able to visit Wilma in her original home. In July, Four Pillars will be moving her to Healevsille, and this distillery door will be open to visitors seven days a week.

World Gin Day 2015 will also see the release of Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin Solera No_3, and they reckon it’s their best Barrel Aged Gin yet.

Four Pillars use a solera system of exclusively French oak barrels, all formerly used to make great chardonnay, to rest and age their gin. Each has a subtly different character and they are blended to create a complex, nuanced and entirely too sippable gin.

Solera No_2 was released in late 2014, and went on to win a Gold Medal at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Solera No_3 is a step up again in character and intensity. 

The flavours of Solera No_3 are deeper, as is the colour. The aromatics are very dense with intense juniper characters providing a backdrop to preserved orange, coriander and anise. The vanilla tones of the oak are lovely, soft and deep. The palate has continued to develop a line of spice that is rich enough to drink straight or hold up in a cocktail.  Quantities are very limited.

Four Pillars recommend an Old-Fashioned, a Tom Collins or a Martinez. This is definitely a gin to get us all through the colder months. 

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