Four Pillars has launched its ready-bottled martini – including two gins, Lillet Blanc and saké.

The ‘Double Gin Martini’ contains Four Pillars’ Olive Leaf Gin (which is ‘savoury and textural’) and Fresh Yuzu gin (which possesses ‘citrussy brightness and liveliness’). The pair combine to create ‘a multi-layered mouthful of marvellous Martini madness’, according to the distillery.

Four Pillars have decided to forego the vermouth, in favour of including aromatic aperitif, Lillet Blanc – to provide ‘bright, floral notes’ – and Toji Daiginjo Saké ‘to bring a textural structure.’ A small amount of yuzu cocktail bitters and saline solution are also used.

The final product is said to be Martini that is at-once bright and citrus forward, while remaining savoury enough for those who prefer a Dirty Martini.

The distillery suggests keeping the bottle in the freezer and serving when required, as the drink is diluted (at an ABV of 22.8 per cent) and ready to go – though a garnish of either lemon twist of Sicilian olive is suggested.

Four Pillars Double Gin Martini will be available from the distillery’s website, the Four Pillars Lab in Surry Hills and the Healesville Distillery site. RRP $60 for a 550ml bottle.

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