Four Pillars is looking ahead to summer with the release of two gin RTDs: Fresh Yuzu Gin & Soda and Bloody Shiraz Gin & Tonic.

These new products follow Four Pillars’ Rare Dry G&T RTD, which was launched in October 2021.

A statement from the distillery summarised the brief given to Master Distiller Cam Mackenzie.

‘Easy to serve and easy to drink, these gins in a tin are not, however, that easy to make,’ Four Pillars explained.

‘You need to nail both the gin and the tonic, as well as their ratios, if you want a drink that is flavour-packed but still sits at one standard drink.’

For the first time, Four Pillars has produced an RTD using soda rather than tonic as the gin pairing with its Fresh Yuzu Gin & Soda. This means the final product is lower in calories, with Four Pillars likely hoping to play in the burgeoning ‘better for you’ drinks trend.

The highball-style RTD is described as ‘supercharged with yuzu flavour thanks to an incredibly concentrated Fresh Yuzu Gin base’ which is combined with ‘clean and crisp carbonated water.’

Particularly eye-catching will be the presentation of Four Pillars’ smash hit Bloody Shiraz Gin in an RTD. This new product contains ‘A hyper-concentrated Bloody Shiraz Gin mixed with bespoke tonic and a healthy dash of lemon to cut through that natural Shiraz sweetness.’

The Four Pillars RTD range will be available from ‘all good bottle shops’ come summer, and retails for $28 for a four pack.

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