Calabria Family Wines is looking to cement the future of the business and has welcomed fourth generation family member, Sophie Calabria, to the team.

Sophie is the eldest grandchild of Bill and Lena Calabria and has recently completed her Bachelor of Marketing & Communication from the University of South Australia and promises to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing department.

Sophie is thrilled to be working alongside her dad and family and is eager to learn about the wine industry, with the family adding they are looking forward to seeing Sophie grow and continuing to share our love of wine with our customers around the world.

Sophie’s grandfather, Bill Calabria, is especially proud to see his granddaughter join the family business. He has always been a strong advocate for family values and passing on the traditions and knowledge of the company to the next generation.

“As a family-owned business, we are proud to have been producing award-winning wines for over 75 years. We believe that our success is due to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and family values. With Sophie joining the marketing team, we are excited to continue this legacy and to pass on our passion to the next generation,” Bill said.

Calabria Family Wines was founded by Francesco and Elisabetta who settled in Griffith in 1934, with Francesco crushing his first official batch of wine in 1945. The couple had nine children, Domenico, Tony, Joe, Mario, Rita, Cath, Josephine, Mary, and William (little Billy). In 1962, Bill was only 14 years old when he and his brother Tony were obliged to take over the modest family business. Bill had a burgeoning boxing career ahead but he followed his father’s wishes and took over the selling of barrels of wine to the locals and across Sydney.

The business was going well until the recession of the 1980s with Bill and wife Lena battling tough times and decisions to keep the business going. At the start of the 1990s Bill made the conscious decision he did not want to become a bulk producing winery, instead he vowed to produce quality wines, and that decision has driven the business to the success it enjoys today.

The third generation Frank, Michael, Andrew, and Elizabeth are working in the business, something which is close to Bill’s heart.

“For 40 years our family has united around the kitchen table. A table overflowing with good food, great wine and very passionate (or some may say robust) conversation about the future of our family business. My children are custodians of Calabria Wines today and together they will continue to thrive beyond three generations because of the determination, vision, and loyalty they have to each other,” he said.

Andy Young

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