FREEZAH! Frozen Cocktails are 250ml 4.5% ABV Vodka based beverages packaged in a pouch that are simply placed in a freezer for only 4-6 hours before squeezing the pouch until soft or running under warm water to create a smooth textured frozen cocktail that you then pour into a glass and enjoy.

There are four core year round cocktail flavours in the range with an additional Cider based variant for a limited summer release.

FREEZAH! Strawberry Blueberry Daiquiri 250ml (August)

FREEZAH! Lime Lemon Margarita 250ml (August)

FREEZAH! Whitsunday Pina Colada 250ml (October)

FREEZAH! Mango Passionfruit Mojito 250ml (October)

FREEZAH! Tropical Cider Crush 250ml (November)

The FREEZAH! Flavours were developed with the Australian climate in mind. Brand owner Andrew Duff stated, “I have been involved with these pouch style alcoholic beverages for a number of years in my dealings with the leading brands in the UK and USA so I knew their flavours, pack sizes and formulations were just not suited to the Australian/NZ markets. I set about creating a dedicated frozen pouch brand at a highly competitive price point that is not aligned, focussed or an extension on a primary spirit or liqueur brand.”

With additional frozen pouch products being released by other companies in the coming weeks and months in the lead up to summer there will be an increased focus on this new format. “The addition of other brands in this new space in Australia/NZ proves the potential of the concept could now be reached and emulate what has already been experienced for a number of years in many overseas markets” said Andrew Duff.

FREEZAH! Frozen Cocktails offer retailers’ high margins and consumers an attractive recommended retail price of $4.95 for a single pouch or 3 for $12.

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