Suntory Australia becomes the sole Australian distributor of Cape Grim Natural Water – “even the ice you put in it will pollute it”.

In contrast to water that comes from the ground with the good and bad minerals, sulphurs, salts and the like, that make up the Earths crust, Cape Grim rain water blows in from the Antarctic and is captured and stored before the Earth’s atmosphere can pollute it. The air doesn’t pass over contaminated land.
The Cape Grim Water Co, started in 1997 after an extensive global search to identify the location on the planet of the cleanest air. Unfiltered Cape Grim is cleaner than any other water that it was tested against.

Cape Grim is located North of Antarctica on the North West tip of Tasmania and receives air that has traveled 16,000 kilometers across nothing but the freezing Southern Ocean only to reach the warmer land and turn into rain. On average it rains 187 days per year.

Cape Grim is available in both still and sparkling bottled water and is arguably cleaner & purer than any mineral or spring water. In fact it is so pure it cannot even be used for the production of beer. To ensure the purest water quality, the rain water is only harvested on days of the absolute highest air quality.

Cape Grim (N.West.Tasmania). Home of arguably the cleanest air and water on Earth.

You wouldn’t want to live at Cape Grim, but the rain water is worth bottling.

The addition of Cape Grim water into Suntory will also compliment the Single Malt Whisky portfolio. Water is often added to cut the strength of a whisky and to open up hidden characteristics that cannot be tasted at full strength, so it’s only befitting to mix with some of the purest water available.

Available sizes:
750ml & 375ml Glass bottle of Still and Sparkling water
500ml and 1,500ml PET Still water

For more information, please visit:
Suntory Ltd,
Suntory (Aust) Pty Ltd,


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